Ohio Homestead

This is my “project” house, a very pretty tower Victorian farmhouse on four acres (all tillable) in the vicinity of Waynesville Ohio.  I bought it four years ago and have started the work on it but there is plenty left to do.  Since then I have bought another fixer-upper house and have too many projects!  Price is $105,000.  The house is about 2700 square feet with four bedrooms and two full baths.  It has a good roof, deep well with new submersible pump, and new leach lines. The kitchen is redone in 1930s style with vintage cabinets and a great old cast-iron sink. Outbuildings are a carriage barn and wagon shed, both in poor shape but useable for storage.  The yard has a nice garden spot with great soil, a beautifully landscaped small pond, pecan trees, and some established asparagus.  Surrounding the property are rolling farm fields and woodlots as far as you can see – no sprawl and only a few similar old farmhouses in sight.  Only two miles to I-71 (at exit 45) and to the boat dock at Caesar’s Creek Lake.  I’d be glad to answer any questions or share more pictures on request.  Also available if desired is a nice Ford 1320 diesel tractor with bushhog that I use at the property. 

Email any inquiries to scottmcalpine@juno.com.

Tower House, long view