August 13th


We finally got some much needed rain for about 20 minutes or so this evening and it included some wind, thunder and an electrical blip that shut down the computer in the middle of watching a really funny Netflix, “Wild Target”.  It can be watched on instant streamlining so check it out.  Carl finished the mowing today and I made him a batch of 12 small crumb cakes for the next 6 breakfasts which I put up in the freezer. The rest of the day I just puttered around and tried to think of a subject that would get my painting finger itchy!  I guess Glynis has headed up to be the chef for her 30 Gold Miners in some gold mining camp up in the wilds of Alaska for the next 30 days and Ken is breaking down their Anchorage house and packing the furnishings up so it can be shipped back by the Army to their home here in Munfordville.  Ken officially finishes up 23 years of service as of September 1st.  Then they both head home for a lazy trip with their new travel trailer through Alaska, the Canadian Rockies with a stop at his folks in Montana before hitting here.  It will be good to see them again.

I got a bunch of art ready to take to two galleries on Monday.