Fall has started to settle in around this area and we have had two morning frosts, but lovely days in the mid to high sixties.  The leaves are turning and I wonder where Indian Summer went to or whether it will still come.  The bright blue skies are back after a couple of very grey days last week and some cold rain.


I worked in the garden this afternoon and cleared out a 4 foot x 4 foot patch and put in a whole bunch of tulip bulbs mixing all the colors so perhaps in the spring we will have another area that is ablaze of colors.  I also planted the thyme, sage, lemon grass and comfrey clippings Rosie and Sam brought over yesterday.  She really knows what she is doing with sprigs of this and sprigs of that and I do know know which end is what when there are clippings so who know what will happen or even if they will live.  But I planted them and did a little garden dance around them.


Regardless, after Gloria went berserk and cleared out everything she thought were weeds this past spring down in my 11 year old Mediterranean herb beds I built and cultivated for years I have decided to bring them up to speed again and I will order the culinary herbs such as culinary lavender and other things that were pulled out and thrown away.  I thought she understood my instructions and two days after she was finished I discovered she did not.  She is such a good worker, but my heart was so sad that I even shut down my Home Farm Herbery website that day.   


However, I love blending the herbs and adding certified organic spices that I buy to add to what we grow here to create wonderful additions to food and cooking so I have decided to resurrect it again  simply because it was a little, not a lot, profit center for sending the proceeds to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.   Anyone interested in seeing the new site I put up just click on this link. 




I made a neat slide show with music showing a cooking lesson of sorts and should you wish to see it, just click black area on the bottom and click on the speaker icon to hear some lovely music while you see all the food and cooking of the goat meat stuffed peppers.


My new label has a new logo and it is from a picture Donna painted of me wearing my gardening hat.


Today I finished processing the remaining half peck of those beautiful Jade stringless string beans I had gotten two days ago and have them vacuum packed and in the freezer now along with the others I did the other day.


We have had sort of exciting news here, at least for us, when we heard that Trader Joe’s opened a new store in Louisville yesterday so Carl and I are off tomorrow and we are taking a little day trip over there to get some stuff including a couple of cases of “2 buck chuck’s” wine which will now be $2.99 due to the KY tax and shipping from CA.  However, that still is a good deal and we like all the goodies in their store, but Indianapolis was the closest one for us until the Louisville opening.  I looked up the pictures on the internet and it showed lines around the block of people waiting to get in yesterday.


Well that is all for now. Carl stays busy in his studio and he has a student currently who comes at odd days between her work schedule.  Glynis and Ken are busy doing their thing whatever that is and they are quiet neighbors.