This is the kind of stuff I am baking for the Hart County Farmer�s Market to raise some funds for St. Jude children�s research Hospital.  This stuff not only is healthy, smells great, tastes wonderful, freezes well, but it is fun to make!



How are you doing today?


Here we are at the last day of April and we had a good 30 minute rain about 6 pm tonight.  George came over for a drink & TV.


I worked for about 3 hours this morning between the green house and the gardens before I started a day of baking.   I had just finished 52 Sticky Caramel Pecan Rolls, 6 Baguettes and 6 Boules when I decided to make homemade Neapolitan Pizza.  It was made from scratch and absolutely delicious. 

I made two 12 inch pizzas and sent one down with Ken when he came up for a half dozen sticky buns.  The crust was incredible.


So I am off to the Hart County Farmer�s Market at 5:30 am tomorrow with all my baked goods which includes the above stuff plus 9 pans of Pineapple upside down cake,  9 dozen oatmeal chocolate chip cookies  and the last of my herbs and plants.


Boy�s I would love to have even one big gas fired stone lined pizza oven.


Once I get all the plants done I can get back to painting now and them.


"Tread the Earth Lightly" and in the meantime may your day be filled with...
Peace, Light and Love,

Arlene Wright- Correll, Resident Artist

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I was thinking about you today and hope all is well with you.

We did not have any rain last night so the morning was divided between running the sprinklers in various parts of the gardens for intervals of 30 minutes. It is a real pain in the neck since the automatic sprinkler system pipes in the ground froze up a few years back, but it gives me a chance to get all my computer work done during the 2.5 hours it takes to give everything a good drink of water.

I am doing well selling my herb and vegetable plants and baked goods at the Hart County Farmer�s Market on Tuesdays and Friday mornings and each time I am able to send a nice little check off to St. Jude Children�s Research Hospital. We are all still waiting for the covered pavilion to be finished and we hope to see it by the beginning of June.

Our veggies are starting to look good and I am running around and staking things, plus repotting things in the green house.

Here is what we look like around here this morning and remember just hit the first picture to make it full screen.





I have been busy here for the past 7 days with the Hart County Farmer�s Market Booth where I sell my herbs and plants from the green house and my baking to raise money for St. Jude Children�s Research Hospital. I love it, but it really is a lot of work. Carl has had students all this week, so Ken pulled the trailer down on Tuesday and will do it again tomorrow morning.


Besides what you see in this baking slide show I also bake 3 dozen chocolate mint brownies and 2 dozen jam filled cupcakes for each Tuesday and Friday sale. Plus I bring herb and vegetable plants from the green house.

You can slow the slide show down or stop & enlarge each picture simply by clicking on it. http://www.kizoa.com/slideshow/d2579546k5855665o1/42612-arlenes--farmers-market-baking



See what has been happening in my gardens in the past 3 days.



We had a great opening day at the Hart County Farmer's Market in Munfordville, KY. http://www.kizoa.com/slideshow/d2548383k1846297o1/42012-hc-farmers-market





It got to be 100 degrees by 2 pm in the green house with the door and windows open so I am going to have to more a lot of stuff out of there and over to the arbor or I will lose them before the Hart County Farmer�s Market opens on the 20th of this month. I had to water the beds twice today. I got the rest of the annual herb seed sown today and it can be seen on this slide show link. http://www.kizoa.com/slideshow/d2485417k1737593o1/4312arlenes-gardens-at-home-farm




We made an early bank run this morning to the village for some errands and stopped at Carl�s auto service to make an oil change appointment. Upon returning home I planted Glynis� string bean mix and I set out some Martino�s Roma tomato plants, Emerald Giant peppers plants, Marketmore 76 cucumbers plants, Napoleon Sweet Pepper plants and some Japanese Long Cucumber plants. After I finished the inside work I was able to get back out at 4 pm and work for another couple of hours and planted a lot of flowers that you can see on the slide show link.


To see what is in the latest slide show click here now. and remember you can click on the first picture to enlarge the slide show to fit your screen and you can pause any slide to read or study it.