The Scrubbie Lady Kathy Vilseck

 About the Scrubbies

Nylon net Scrubbies are good for anything you scrub. Scrubbies don't scratch or rust and so are good for such things as non-stick pans, crystal, china, and porcelain.

They can also be used to clean vegetables such as potatoes and carrots allowing you to keep the vitamin rich peelings.

They can be made into adornments for packages, table decorations and party favors with the addition of some ribbon and/or bows.

They can be washed in the dishwasher or washing machine or just rinsed under the faucet. They will not sour.

You will delight in how well they work. When they get wet, they get soft and are safe for use even on Teflon. Each Scrubbie comes with a description tag attached.

Their regular colors are yellow, black, purple, green, and red. Other colors may be available from time to time but only on a short term basis. Prices are going up, Have Nita call for a quote. Price will include shipping. Minimum of 3.

Make checks payable to K. Vilseck and send to

252 Hideaway Hills Rd

Coldwater, Mississippi 38618-5649

Order with confidence. Your name & address will never be shared, rented or sold.

Don't forget to include your color choices.

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