Bio-Intensive Gardening

On the Texas Gulf Coast 

By Byron Tumlinson, Owner T-N-T Farm


On-Going Topics

Please Note: Byron dropped out of sight while writing the Gardening Section. There have been no more additions to the Series. No contact at all. Sorry for the incomplete writing. Nita




Everything about Okra. From how to grow to how to cook. There is a link to a spotlight page at about dot com. The site is loaded with hidden pop-ups and dancing banners. To find okra, find the "Recipe Index" and on that, choose "Specific Foods" and you will see Okra on that list. 

Answers questions about large volume composting, aging chicken manure, staking or sprawling tomatoes in the garden; with a reminder on rotating the crops and the great value on chickens on the homestead...

Why we as Homesteaders should save our own seeds. There are several reasons, some obvious, and some not so obvious."

Questions on success with Seed Saving, Starting; How & what to clean; Proper Storage; How to get baby plants to GROW; what it takes to have SWEET melons and some tips on Cucumber success.

Tips on using your garden scraps to feed your chickens and return all those extra back into the garden. Check in to see how the crops are growing. Note the name of the Farm has changed from Kari-T to T-N-T Farm. 

Tips on How to Have the Sweetest Corn Ever! Flourishing gardens in sandy clay soil; fertilizing the melons with straw from the chicken yard; Comparing the double dug beds to the no till beds; After 100 inches of rain in 7 months, dry times now!

When you have a problem, this will tell you what your plants are needing. Find THE LIST of nutrients that are essential to good plant growth and how to identify the deficiency of those elements without a soil test. Then find what to do to correct the problem and what will prevent such problems.

Recipe for Compost Tea; Checking the Potato Cages; notes on onions, garlic and mints. Of asparagus, berries, cherry tomatoes, of melons, squash & peas and Byron planted 3 new pear trees.

Speak up NOW for Special Cantaloupe Seeds to be ready "later this summer". Note a breed of chicken not to be raised at higher altitudes and notes on multiplying onions and peppermint. Tomato blooms need warm nights to set fruits.

Rain as needed, About chicks, chickens and chicken tractors made from PVC -   With excellent instructions on how to grow strong corn plants

Volunteer Tomatoes, Cabbage Second Harvest, Seed Starting in Cups

Over 100" of Rain, A Serious Plan for Strawberries, Will Asparagus Thrive, First Blooms on the Ponderosa Lemon Tree, Soon to set out 400 tomato & 200 pepper plants, Corn into the Ground and Gallon Jugs for Deep Watering

Weed & Grass Killer, Blossom End Rot Formula, Bug Zapper, Remedy Problem Clay Soil, Grow Potatoes in a Wire Cage

Tips for getting Tomato Plants out Early, The Chicken Flock, Cutting Horseradish & Ginger and Cleaning Beds, Harvesting & Canning Kumquats, 60 dozen Tamales into the Freezer.

Bio-Intensive Lettuce, Extend the Lettuce Harvest, Raise all the Veggies 2 people can eat in a 10x10 bed or profit on 1 to 2 acres, Get all the Bunching Onions you could Want, Introduction to Bio-Intensive Garden and Starting the First Bio-Intensive Bed, Suggestions for Planting Seeds